Four ancient methods for distinguishing high quality Pet Treats for Medium

Zum zeitpunkt der veröffentlichung:2021-06-26
Four ancient methods for distinguishing high quality Pet Treats for Medium

It's not simple to eat three meals a day for a dog. Do you think that you understand the dog's life and that your own "research" Pet Treats for Medium can meet all of its health needs? Scientific feeding begins with Pet Treats for Medium. There are many kinds of Pet Treats for Medium in the market. After eating, the dog's fur lustrousness and feces color are not ideal. The lower price of the Pet Treats for Medium is indeed doubtful and qualified. Pet Treats for Medium is enough to ensure healthy growth of the dog. How to choose high quality Pet Treats for Medium?

Judgment 1: hope

Pet Treats for Mediums with sufficient nutrient content are dark in color and generally appear brown or dark brown. In the market selling bulk Pet Treats for Medium, whether qualified or not, Xiao Bian still recommends not to buy it. In the bulk state, Pet Treats for Medium will lose its original nutrition and taste, and it will be exposed to the air for a long time and be exposed to dust and soil. Pollution of harmful substances in the air, at this time Pet Treats for Medium is very easy to degenerate. Eugen's Pet Treats for Medium grain size is suitable, following the dog's chewing criteria, the particles appear irregular honeycomb inside.

Judgment 2: Smell

The common taste of Shaomai is poor quality Pet Treats for Medium. Manufacturers like to add flavoring agents to pet foods, hoping to judge high quality Pet Treats for Mediums from the degree of rich aroma, but often fail to achieve the expected results. Flavors are available in a variety of styles, and it is difficult for the master to judge the composition of Pet Treats for Medium from the flavor. In addition to distinguishing between good and bad smells, if you smell the oxidized smell of Pet Treats for Medium, which is similar to the taste of roasted wheat, it means that the Pet Treats for Medium has expired or is made of inferior oil. The high-quality Pet Treats for Medium has a rich flavor and a more natural scent, not the flavor. The second strange smell, which smells of cornmeal is rather heavy, indicates that the materials used in Pet Treats for Medium production are not good, or that there is a backlog of goods. Dogs eat for some time, the skin is dull, and the skin is relatively dry.

Judgment three: ask

After watching and smelling, the host can initially understand whether the Pet Treats for Medium is qualified. The third step is to let the owner know more about the Pet Treats for Medium. Ask Pet Treats for Medium ingredients so as not to cause skin irritation in dogs. Some dogs are allergic to Pet Treats for Medium containing certain elements in food, such as skin itching, rash, vomiting, ear redness or hair loss caused by certain proteins such as meat, if they are found to have these symptoms It is advisable to consult with the veterinarian to switch to hypoallergenic prescription foods. The existing Pet Treats for Mediums containing omega 3 and omega 6 nutrients can strengthen the dog's immunity and coat care.

Judgment four: touch

High-quality Pet Treats for Medium grains are not too hard. If the Pet Treats for Medium feels crisp, the density of the honeycomb is just good, and it has a certain hardness, then the dog can rest assured to eat. Because Eutre's Pet Treats for Medium contains starch, it requires an expensive machine to make it puffed. The more puffed Pet Treats for Medium, the more precise the production process. Adequate nutrient content of Pet Treats for Medium oil is appropriate, feels dry and does not put too much oil on the oil-absorbing paper for a few minutes. In addition, it can also be soaked in water, if the water absorption is strong, indicating that Pet Treats for Medium is easily absorbed by the body, if it is difficult, then the dog is also difficult to digest the Pet Treats for Medium.