Pet Treats for Medium should pay attention to functional nutrition

Zum zeitpunkt der veröffentlichung:2021-06-26
Pet Treats for Medium should pay attention to functional nutrition

Dog breeds are rich in snacks and can improve the dog's picky eating behavior and are therefore very popular. However, when Pet Treats for Medium are selected, the owner must not only rely on the palatability of the dog, but also pay attention to its effects. For example, some Pet Treats for Medium can also improve immunity, which is very suitable for the growth and development of puppies.

The low resistance of newborn puppies is the main cause of puppies' illness. For dogs, it has its own immune system and can fight itself against some fungi and bacteria in the environment. However, because the newborn puppies' immune system is not well-developed, puppies are frail and sick, and common diseases such as diarrhea and fever can occur from time to time.

In the face of the problem of low resistance of newborn puppies, the owner usually chooses to create a good hygiene environment for newborn puppies to prevent the intrusion of fungi and bacteria in the environment so that the puppies can grow better. This is a very desirable method, but this method can only be stopped and it cannot achieve the effect of open source. The owner will ignore a problem. The puppies will have low resistance. What is needed most is to improve the resistance of the newborn puppies and to create a good hygiene environment. The newborn puppies will stay away from all kinds of common causes caused by low resistance. disease.

Nowadays, more and more Pet Treats for Medium have the effect of improving immunity and enhancing resistance. Goat milk is rich in more than 200 kinds of nutrients and bioactive factors, does not contain alpha-1S casein, and does not cause pet allergies; Low-polysaccharide polyaddition can regulate the ecological balance in vivo, promote the rapid increase of bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria, and inhibit the reproduction of exogenous pathogens and intestinal bacteria. Reducing the toxin contamination in the soup is beneficial to the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Lecithin is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and protects the skin's ability to regenerate. It is the main nutrient of the hair. Dog owners who have this need are hurried to see it.